It all started like 2 years ago when I got tired of 4chan and I thought of a big brain method of trolling:

registering 4chad.org and 4chad.com, because d < n alphabetically, anyone who ever clicks on 4chad.org will have a permanent default suggestion in his browser URL bar to 4chad whenever he tries to visit 4chan

I put the domain on sale in case some guy wants it because it is a good name. I thought about making a 4chan clone that doesn’t suck also, but I never done any of those, I procrastnated.

Then I got saved by Jesus Christ. I was an athiest with logic and reasons, but as I researched deeper I found the truth that I base my logic on was indoctrination injected into my mind when I was young. Then I ran into Bill Schenobelen’s videos about the occult, everything started to make sense, and I accepted Christ as my LORD and Savior and repented for my sins. I understood God is the standard of law and is the Truth, and Jesus is the only way.

In the mean time, I forgot to renew 4chad domains. And my registrar saw my domain was hot and asked 10 20k dollars for it(I couldn’t remember which), fucking juice reeeeeeee. They didn’t even let the chance slip for a second, it went straight into their account. They got a good algorithm for spottiing deals, I thought they were supposed to be neutral. Nevermind, got juiced, nothing I can do about it.

A few months passed, I checked 4chad domains just for the sake of it, I thought in the back of my mind: oh Lord if I can just have my 4chad back I can make it a chad.

Divine intervention happened

who.is says the domains are registered, but I checked on the registrar, holy, they’re unregistered, they must have just slipped up just now, the who.is cache hasn’t even updated yet. I logged in and got them back immediately.

And so it begins, I will make a site that is total Chad, I knew 4chan is degenerating, but the coming of 4chad is just timely. My guess is the Lord loves you he must have known 4chan is going bad and made this happen. Some people say durrrr you didn’t log in to check, that price was for anyone but the original owner, JUICE AREN’T GREEDY. No, I remember I logged in to check. If you don’t believe me or don’t believe God has something to do with it, whatever dude.

I will do my best to develop 4chad to make it great in code and righteous in content. I taught myself programming, I am by no means professional, but I’ll be doing my best, right now I have gone through 3 iterations of working API architectures, wasted a lot of time, but I think the 3rd try is going to be it and I will be releasing the API endpoint very soon.