Method Domain Path Description
GET Content get gateway refer to post return display the content uploaded


The 4chad-b-12-2 filename means:

  • from 4chad
  • board b
  • height 12
  • content id 2, the 2nd content of the post

I use this filename encoding because the filename explains its origin instead of being a hidden tracking code, often times I download from 4chan and it’s timestamp encoded, I think 4chan’s milisecond timestamp 1591231088692.webm can be used to track people, it’s kind of like a UUID when the universal collision resistance is as low as 1msec, they think people wouldn’t figure this out if they don’t use a UUID as filename.

The original filename is preserved in the JSON return when visiting Post Get endpoint, so the original filename should be able to be displayed correctly in the frontend.

Method Domain Path Description
POST Content get gateway /upload Upload a content
Header Value
4chad-upload-token refer to post upload return

body: multipart/form-data key: file value: the file to upload

Return example:

  "state": "success",
  "location": ""