Jannies on 4Chad

Moppings are done using JannieScript, JannieScript is a JSON with content-type application/4chad.janniescript.v1, you post it like a post, the server picks it up and does things to other posts. Because the JannieScript you input is still a post, it can be viewed by everyone, so jannies will have a hard time subverting the users.

Application requirements:

  • Accepted Yeshua, Jesus Christ as as your Lord and Savior
  • Never been jannie on 4chan, unless you’re saved now
  • At least posted on 4chad for 3 months
  • Provide long standing active social accounts(YouTube Twitter…) so it’ll be somewhat sure you’re not a glow nigger larper
  • Weight < 180lb if not buffed, height > 5ft8
  • Basic programming knowledge, know what a JSON is
  • Hatred for evil

I don’t have the time to build mod panel, it’s just too niggerlicious, it’s totally bare bones, learn to use REST APIs, don’t be a tech consoomer.

Your job:

  • Mop according to the Rules
  • The use of your mop should be kept to a minumum
  • Don’t mop funny threads just because it’s a little bit off-board
  • Recognize malicious slide threads, mop it profusely
  • Don’t let the mop corrput you

Application emails will be open after the site is finished

Jannies will be interviewed on stream, it’ll be entertaining AF