On Copyright

On the bottom of the 4Chad main page there’s a copyright description:

4Chad is under Public Domain. User waives copyright of his content.

And this is the why

Under the Beast system, copyright of the Beast Organization is always respected, but that of the volk is always violated. The Beast allows you to have an illusion to get rich from this property right just so you would defend it, but seldom do the folk get rich this way and often does the Beast Organizations abuse their rights.

If you steal a thing from another person, he loses the thing, but if you copy what he puts out in the open, you didn’t invade his privacy and he doesn’t lose anything, but you gain his knowledge, the total value increases. All the great works of history are under no copyright because back then copyright didn’t exist, and copyright itself is shackle and a subversive tool for the mind.

When some heretical devil work is out, if you try to rebuke it, the Beast Organization will say you invaded their copyright and your speech must be shut down. But that’s under commentary and parody isn’t it? Who’s deciding what is and what is not? The Beast.

YouTube is a prime example of how copyright is abused, if you try to include anything the Beast Organization produces, your video will be copyright claimed before it even finishes uploading, when they think your comment is harsh, they will disable your video for viewing. YouTubers know if they criticize evil, their video will be claimed, and their channel striked. So YouTubers constantly try to cope, whoever copes the hardest becomes rich on YouTube, and become devil puppets, they don’t even realize it morally, they’ve convinced themselves it’s ok to cope until they’re unity with the Beast.

That’s why I think copyright is bad and it’s designed to be abused from the beginning.

Usage agreement

So the code I put out there, they’re all under Public Domain. The code I don’t put out there, are for me to keep, if I feel like it’s timely, I’ll release them under Public Domain also.

And the posts you make on 4Chad, are all automatically under Public Domain, because you decided to put them in public, and I decided the usage agreement.

If you think you can get rich someday for your posts on the internet, then I suppose you should figure out how to stop people from Ctrl+Cing your post huh? Or unless you’re the board member of a Beast network whose reach is vast. It’s not gonna happen anyway so why not just give it away to the world and not commit to the Beast System?

I suggest don’t make any dependency references to mainstream media culture, they’re just popularized poison. Even some memes, I know they’re catching on, blending in, and leading the discourse.

Don’t post unlicensed copyrighted material on 4Chad, 4Chad will comply with DMCA takedowns.

I know they want to abolish the DMCA bill, but I think it’s a scheme. With DMCA law, as long as site owners comply to takedowns according to the copyright owner’s requests, they’re not responsible for user uploaded content. Without this bill, the sites have to employ staff or use Content ID services provided by a 3rd party(Google or its relatives) to scan user uploaded content before serving, it would either be too costly for small site to operate or a huge compromise of user’s privacy and internet availability(imagine all the content uploaded to the internet has to go through Google scan first and let them decide whether it should be uploaded). Wow what a SCAM. But no doubt they’re gonna do it one day, even if most of the votes say “no”, they’ll just change the bill title and vote again, maybe on Christmas day huh?

With that being said, all I can say is, pray, pray to the heavenly Father that the wicked will not scheme successfully on 4Chad, pray for 4Chad, and pray for me. Thank you.