If you post on 4Chad, you promise to follow the Rules

The following is forbidden:

  • idol whorship
  • lewdness
  • perversion
  • degeneracy
  • subversion
  • pride

That’s it

To explain:

The creator of the universe Jesus Christ who is God in flesh is our LORD and Savior. You’re not allowed to promote your trash lower cased “god"s here, if you think it’s violating your free speech, it’s not. It’s our website, we don’t want that kind of content 4Chad, go make your damn own website.

There will be no cult of kek on 4Chad.

If you are an athiest and into the conspiracy that “God isn’t real, the idea of God is to trick you into submitting to Feudalism”, you’d better do more research and make up your mind before it’s too late. You’re welcome to speak your mind.

Don’t go “white pride” just because there’s “gay pride” and “black pride”, don’t fall for this glow nigger trick. Look at how God considers pride: