As I was using 4chan, I got more and more bored and tilted by mods, it used to be a fun place, now it’s trash. Either people will gradually leave 4chan and finally give up to Reddit and YouTube, or they’re go somewhere else. And it’ll be a damn shame if I leave this generation nowhere to go, scattered into the normie sites and slowly submitted to their subversive methods.

I want to build a site that has no component of social media mind control, and respects user’s privacy, and works for God.

No social media mind control

Social medias use selective content presentation to control people’s minds. The content come from the populus, harmless if presented fully, but if filtered for an angenda, it will be totally potent.

Content ranking, spam filtering, “bubbling”, and moderation can be used for mind control, so they should be eliminated or reduced to a minumum.

Content ranking on 4chad is latest bumps to top, if saged, the saged command must be public so the ranking record is public.

Spam filtering should be done on the client side, the server should not pre-filter content for the purpose of “spam filtering”. What if the spam rejection algorithm goes hard on you if you’re telling the truth? What if the service provider aims to track the truth tellers in the name of spam filtering? 4chan only allowing residential IP is a prime example of that, reCaptcha is also a sneaky method of tracking users in the name of spam filtering. So 4chad allows no-captcha posts for every ip. If there’s too much spam, cope with it, at least real user inputs aren’t filtered, time has proven many times people are smarter than spam.

There will be a /a board that shows ALL the posts on every board, so you won’t be trapped in a little bubble.

Mods shouldn’t serve a subversive trannie jannie agenda, if you’re been on 4chan, you’ll know what it’s like. See the strict jannie application for details.

Respect user’s privacy

Proxy and Tor(yikes) IP ranges are allowed, but every IP is rate limited, during normal usage you will meet no captcha, if limit is hit you need to fill out a simple and quick captcha, no reCaptcha, like this:

Will I log your IP? No… no shit! How can you trust anyone not to? Just use proxy if you’re paranoid.

Works for God

Jesus Christ is our LORD and Savior, this is a site for serving the LORD, so don’t bring your trash here, read the Rules.