Boards Inception

board abbreviation description
a all of the posts
b random
c christian board
hc hardcore christian board
g technology
ng no larp /g
s shill
pol politically incorrect
ppol pagan pol
pc politically correct
z zionists board(read description)

why /a

I am replacing chinese cartoon board with “everything” board so a user can view all the posts and see the world instead of being in their little bubble and stroke each other’s dicks.

Anime is degeneracy, is mental masturbation, stop being an anime Cuck, stop wasting your time worshipping underaged thots, you will never get the 2d coochie ok? Strive to be a irl Chad so you’re worthy to be called upon by God.

what’s the difference between /c and /hc?

one heard of the bible and the other read the bible

why /ng?

too many larpers in /g, all they do is spite itoddlers and the nsa, shill pills and consoom, but they can’t even write their own compilers. You know what’s the difference between a white man and and a nigger? a white man writes his own compiler.

Jokes aside, there will be like a crackme hacking challenge whenever /ng is full /g tards again. Whoever completes the challange retrieves a code and can access this board by putting the code in the http cookie. Don’t leak the code to noobs to filter out /g tards

You can only view this board via API, this is to keep it elitist.

why /s

inspired by 4chan jannies banning me for shilling my 4Chad project

it’s a board for shilling stuff, I want it to be like a flee market or shilling anything, even a 4Chad clone. this is not an e-trading platform, this is a board that allows people of the same demographic to show off things they have and others need, then they can make transactions on ebay or whatever.

I think it will work very effectively, even more effectively than AI targeted ads, because people of the same demographic have the same interests, and people are interacting naturally, it works like on an unknown dimension only God knows how it works. you know how it feels? tfw chilling with frens, tfw exchanging with people who aren’t cheezy merchants who knows nothing but buy and sell, you can hear the difference in their tones, and you can feel it.

And of course this is unmonetizable, no social site will be crazy enough to implement it, they want to hook you in with user interactions so merchants pay to use their advertizing platform. This will hurt 4Chad advertizing revenue too but I don’t care about money that much, when I release 4Chad’s advertizing policies you will be shocked by how retarded it seems, but it will help people make an honest living and be fruitful.

why /ppol

they see the truth in many ways but not the whole truth, they should be distinguished from those who believe in Christ

why /pc

so they can clash with /pol

(use code KEEM for a 10% off on your next popcorn purchase)

why /z

maybe now joomers will stop posting in /pol