Hey, hey buddy hey, what’s going on buddy? (snapping fingers) you still with me? Is the lighting ok? Is it too hot in here? Alright I know you got diagnosed with ADHD and you are of mutt descent, so it’s incredibly underprivileged for you to focus for more than 30 seconds, okay? I feel you man.

Ok, now, I’m about to give you a 10 minute long plain text story, a quick one ok?

What, why are you spazing? Come on, stop throwing a tantrum. It’s ok it’s ok, it’s not that long.

It’s only half of a Rick and Morty episode without commercial break, you like that? En huh? AND THE WAYYYY WE GO.


So… it’s been a month and no updates?

I’ve made the frontend UI interactive a few weeks ago, it has dynamic rendering capabilities, it can now fetch from the API and do all sorts of things, except: posting. It can only read but not write.

It needs a little bit more work and backend tidy up to function fully.


Then I hit a delay. I have to make bread. This 4Chad thing, I can’t make it collapse on itself financially once operational. It doesn’t cost much to run, I’ve designed it to be ultra light. But I think it’s best that the site itself has positive revenue stream supporting it. If my revenue stream offline is good, I’ll pay the jannies.

I don’t want the jannies support a lifestyle that they don’t live in. Can you imagine red pilled jannies living in basement browsing image boards all day, wacking off to futa SFMs, having a mommy gf, being a total neet? I mean any square janny living like that is eventually going to be a tranny.

I want the jannies on my board to have an honest job, and have enough family time. If they spend time on 4Chad, it’s like part of their working time, this costs them money. Of course their work on 4Chad is part entertainment for themselves, they’re browsing 4Chad anyways even if they’re not jannies, so it’s not going to be a full wage, but an amount enough to buy a few bags of bread in a month.

Last month me IRL

I’m 21 years old, I basically taught myself everything and make a modest living. I can do electrical engineering, embedded development, web development, sysadmin and stuff.

Never been to college, not falling for that shit. And I quit high school because it’s suppressive and the teachers say I have no “sparkling points” when they’re the ones that are retarded and can’t survive beyond the campus.

I went from top scoring student to failing every class because I refused to learn unless they prove it to me, I spent a long time trying to prove the textbook but of little progress, so I seemed like a retard. “just remember it like a rhyme” “what’s with the questions?” “this question is so rudimentary, you haven’t been listening, let me answer his question first and I’ll get back to you ok?” “did you read the memo” “have you been listening?” “just use the formula anon” I can understand it, but why would I fucking believe it? Everybody is doing paper experiments like it’s fucking real.

So that’s me. This is what I’ve done majorly instead of making 4Chad last month:

I saw one of Sam Hyde’s videos last month, he said you gotta learn before you hit a certain age, or else you won’t have the knack, old dogs can’t learn new tricks. I’m like HE RIGHT.

I took on a difficult task: Learning to TIG weld

The skill set of TIG welding can be transferred to MIG and stick easily because TIG is difficult to master. Also I want to build a factory building, which requires stick welding, which is easy after you learn TIG welding.

I live in a small town, there are few welding shops, and fewer know how to TIG weld. I spent a long time sourcing all the parts just to start welding.

There are lots of empty barren land that used to be fertile, and so many empty and desolate properties in my country, and they’re all insanely expensive. The people of my country are herded into building a new Babylon, they took on massive real estate development even though the population growth is probably negative. Land became “scarce”, costly, and barren. Everybody loves to make money by usury, how to make money by hardly working, charging rent, interest, making investments. The cost of living and labor cost sky rockets because people are plagued with usury so they don’t have a stable place to live unless they take on massive debt and have to fuck others or grind to pay off the debt. The spirits of workers are subdued, all they care about is punch in punch out and money, every job is willy-nilly, quality and honesty gone. The farmers got lazy too, they hate living off the land, instead they love welfare. Some let their land go barren, some let real estate developers rob their land for cheap, now that they have steady welfare income stream, what do they care?

I won’t be buying real state and grind all my life to pay it off, probably instead imma rent a cheap compound from some lazy farmer and build myself a mobile factory using shipping containers which needs welding skill set, if the land usurer is covetous, he wants to raise the rent once I get my shit going, fuck you I’m hauling my workshop away. I’ll probably have to live in it too to look over my stuff because people have gone bad.

If there are any trad women out there who can stand not having a house with washers, dryers, stainless fridge, marble counter top, central AC, Alexa, Nest, smart security cams, instead, living with machinery in a modded shipping container, and having a husband who is not wagecuckng all day, having the balls to smack you across the face when you act up, DM me.

I came across a new embedded project which requires gcc and make to work, I used to use IDEs that the chip manufacturer designated, like Keil uVision or Xilinx ISE design suite, but now I am stumped, because I don’t know how to use open source compilation tools, I always had the IDE set everything up for me, I can’t believe I’ve been such a nigger. gcc and Makefile are so hard to setup, all the tutorials are written by pajeets that don’t know shit, and gcc and make throw incomprehensible errors on me when I try something. You know when your tool is ELITE? It when a bunch of pajeets try to teach it but every one of them is scamming views.

Also I’m sourcing the equipments to make an electronic production line for this project, digging and setting up used equipments is pretty time and energy consuming but I don’t like throwing money at my problems.

So the last month has been 10% on 4Chad and 90% on other stuff. 4Chad just needs a final piece of javascript function to submit post, that’s it.

But let me work on my bread-making for a few weeks ok? If my offline work flies, 4Chad will have sufficient financial backing from my pocket to make sure 4Chad takes off straight Christian like I wanted it to. I don’t want apple juice to ruin the launch, imagine what they can do. Keep shilling 4Chad, it’s coming.

The Joker

Also, [email protected], the DM address, has been receiving emails from Protonmail saying I have mails in the inbox, weird, I have never registered any Protonmail account with [email protected] as recovery address. So somebody has been fucking with me, because I said I hate Protonmail, so he made Protonmail send me emails. This guy man, I am speechless.