Frontend mockup complete

Today I made the frontend mockup, basically a non-working version of 4Chad.

I don’t want to bullshit you before you see the site so you can have an independent opinion of the look-and-feel.


The design goals are:

  • light, simple, fast
  • parameterized color pallette, per-board theming
  • desktop-first
  • no dark theme, retarded trend, makes people shy, weak, and submissive psychologically, makes you want to hide in a room, close all the curtains and be isolated from the overwhelming world. blinding light theme only.
  • imageboard-like, but not totally just another clone imageboard, but not forum-like either

If you have any advice, DM me, but I need to say this first:

I might not care about your opinion, because consumers don’t know what they want, all they know is consume, and shit. They always get displeased about something they’re not used to but they’ll come to loving it if you shove it in their face enough.

Just a thought on UI

hi it’s me the every UI designer, I must produce new quirks and trends for you to accept and adapt to every year, so every year when you feel you have nothing going on in life and society collapsed further, I’ll change the design a bit for no functional reason, and you’ll have a sense of freshness and accomplishment, but in fact you’re just dwindling your time away being a dumb ass consumer. This improves brand loyalty and consumption, thank you for choosing your favorite brand of feed stock


As I’m starting to add the interactiveness, I wanted to wine about javascript and browser ecosystem because I’m just learning as I go and I think it’s so retarded…

But never mind, ayyy no-larp /g you know what i’m talking about