A visit from the church people

Recently the leader of the church(which I mentioned previously) or whatever went to my house to have her laptop fixed.

She questioned: why do you not come to our congregation anymore? I said because you keep listening to the word of men, the Bible is plain and simple, and there’s no useful discussion among you, and I think confronting the unbelievers is like turning 1 talent into 10 talents and circle jerking with saved people is sterile. They be like: no nono the Bible is complex and no you shouldn’t be cocky, and they questioned my salvation and asked for a testimony that God helped me. I’m like: I wish not to tell. They’re like please tell so our faith could be strengthened. I’m like: is believing not enough that you need constant signs and testimonies from each other? Then they started Bible rouletting(basically taking a verse out of context and use it as an argument). I’m like dude…..


Backend re-build is pretty much complete, I added the most ridiculous feature: JannyScript Executable. Basically, instead of letting jannies upload atomic commands in a post format previously, I let them upload Javascript that executes on 4Chad server directly, in a post format still. This will be a suicidal move of they were to escape from the virtual machine, but I think it’ll provide much flexibility and creativity.

For example:

let getIPByHeight = (height) =>{
    return janny.getIP({

let ip1 = getIPByHeight(123)
let ip2 = getIPByHeight(456)

if (ip1 == ip2){

This script means: if the 2 posts have the same IP, ban it.

This is not a mock-up nor programming meme, the prototype is working, functions will be automatically added to the janny object according to a janny’s privileges, and the script executes in a virtual machine. This is quite insane actually. If you’re programmer, you should be cooming right now, jkjk.

Uploading it to 4Chad is like:

			"content":"let getIPByHeight = (height) =>{\n    return janny.getIP({\n        board:\'b\',\n        height:height\n    }\n}\n\nlet ip1 = getIPByHeight(123)\nlet ip2 = getIPByHeight(456)\n\nif (ip1 == ip2){\n    janny.banIP(ip1)\n}"

The use of this? Imagine.