Things changing fast

What the actual ???? dude? Things have changed sooooooo fast lately, we’re in a really bad situation.

  • Amerimutts, broke again, the country is once again hanging on the few working ethnic groups, and they’re pulling them down to their filth
  • China threatens to sell US debt
  • Housing market dumpingggg, vacancy+++ everywhere
  • 4chan /pol/ dismantled by huge hoards of subversive leftists, and the jannies are helping. It’s not even dabbing on jannies anymore, it’s there’s no one to dab on jannies
  • the organic faucet is pretty much closed on all major internet platforms, big OG creators have been all submitted or deplatformed

It seems to me what’ll happen is the world is going to a depression, and major changes will roll out when people are in economic turmoil and have better things to worry about. When people actually get back on their feet maybe 10 years from now, people will be like “how did we even get here?". Also there will be no more self-made celebrity on the internet, the YouTuber phenomenon will no longer exist.

What I have in mind is:

I’m getting into packet radios on my walkie talkie. I want to implement a feature where you can send an encrypted packet with customizable postpone time(to prevent time domain attack) to a reflector and it will be posted to 4Chad, or you can just use voice and a voice recording will be posted.

Basically you can post with your walkie talkie anywhere there’s a repeater, and the end goal is to transition 4Chad into a service not dependent on the internet, because I feel one of these years the internet will not be a source for truth or useful discussion. I think the way things goes is you will be isolated in a small box of controlled opinions even though there’s much to discover, and all the creators you’re able to discover are either sellouts or puppets who speak in favor of the algorithm. So you need to find alternative ways of communication ASAP, and not depend on the internet before it changes your mindset permanently and make you depend on it and gate keep you forever.

So, BUY WALKIE TALKIES NOW! IT’S NOT HUGELY EXPENSIVE. And start to experimenting with them. JUST DO IT. Do you see what I see? I recommend Baofeng DM-1801, 50+ bucks each, buy a pair, it’s very good quality and versatile, it’s the model I use. They’re tightening up the ban on amateur radio equipments, so JUST DO IT NOW. (Don’t buy DMR Tier 1 radios like baofeng DM-5R they’re very limited, don’t buy ones with GPS or ur retarded, don’t buy ones which you can’t flash open source firmware, and don’t buy ones that are too expensive but buy rather more cheap ones for your family to expand your offline network)

You should never trust a centralized platform, even 4Chad(I hope 4Chad will be trustworthy enough but you should not let your guard down). Just talk with people on the air, it’s free and decentralized, it’s not like there isn’t enough people to talk with.

But be ware, do not be like ham radio boomers, they spend too much time tinkering with the equipment, it’s an endless money pit and time pit, they talk more about radios on the air than anything else. Treat ham radio as a utility not a hobby.


  1. Finish offline production line (<1 month) (update: got chinked so delayed)
  2. Implement packet radio to 4Chad API (<7 days) (update: now I realize how retarded it is, cancelled)
  3. Finish up 4Chad GUI (<7 days)