API Documentation Complete

I’ve finished the API documentation, mostly. You can post according the the API now but there’s still some advanced features that requires documentation.

There isn’t a lot of definitions in the doc, but a lot of examples, because I’m a guy that learns by examples.

I also made a video demoing the basic posting API, if you don’t feel like reading then watch this.

I’m kind of like stuttering and awkward so yeah…. But in my mind it’s very clear, I’m not like autistic or anything, I’m not THAT awkward IRL. If I do more of these videos I’ll probably sound like a cheezy YouTuber be like “WASSSUP GUYS IT’S YOUR BOI …. BACK AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEO … TOADAY …” If I ever become like that, you have every reason to leave.

Also I sound weak, you might be thinking “this guy doesn’t deserve the CHAD name” I’ll grow and get buffed, and have more than 1 wife maybe, so I would know there’s going be at least 1 cuck who won’t pass on his weak genes. Because history has proven that strong men’s fruit being enjoyed by weak men is a disaster waiting to happen. So be patient.