Jesus can cure, no shit

Got da flu

A few days ago I went to a densely populated city for errands, I rode the train, the bus, the taxi.

And yesterday my sickness manifested, When I got up, my head hurts, my stomach hurts, wanting to vomit but nothing comes out.

At first I thought it’s just constipation because a day earlier I needed to poop but I was on the computer and held it in and pooped later, so I tried to poop and it didn’t work, then things worsened.

I didn’t want to eat anything, I was having the chills, I had no strength, I couldn’t keep my head up, feeling terrible. Body temp 37.3c.

Jesus just cured me when I asked

I just drank some water, stayed in bed and asked Jesus to heal, immediately my stomach stopped hurting, but I still felt weak, and there’s a thought in my mind “your body needs rest”, so I stayed in bed and rested. The whole day I just drank some soup, water and juices, and I rested in bed, keeping myself very warm.

Today I got up, the sickness left me completely, I don’t have any symptoms. Body temp is 36.xc.

Did I just get COVID? You people told me it’s fake!!!!!

Anyways I’m healed in 1 day yeah!!!! Thank God’s grace for nipping the bud of my flu in 1 day.

The key is to seek God instead of pharmacia at the first sign of trouble.

The unbelievers

I remember going to my local church few weeks ago just to see what’s going on there, and they didn’t believe Jesus could heal them to my astonishment.

I said, surely if you ask Jesus to heal Jesus would heal you, and whoever believes in him and is baptized can heal other person if he put hands on him. I was met with disbelief, they believe stubbornly they’re not blessed as the prophets so it won’t work on them, they keep praying and praying, they think by many words they can be saved.

I’m like, what?? Just believe. They’re like, what a naive brat, I’ve studied the Bible for 20+ years, don’t I know better than you? I’m thinking: but you didn’t believe.

They’re like old boomers with chips on their shoulders. Whatever dude, I’m just going to be the retard here who gets easily tricked into believing into the word of God, and they can be the smart people with their complex studies into the word of men.