Ditching 3rd party captcha

Ok I’m kind of tired of 3rd party captchas, because:

  1. it’s such a nuisance
  2. it doesn’t protect very well, 2captcha.com offers $2.99 for per 1000 recaptcha
  3. it injects uncontrolled, dynamic, proprietary code on my site that could be used to track my fellow schizos
  4. if you think about it recaptcha/hcaptcha make no sense, why don’t they come up with new ways of challenging the bots, instead they make us provide labels for neural networks, isn’t static image recognition the easiest task for neural networks? It’s literally the tutorial in Tensorflow or PyTorch, beating it should be easy. I think it’s to get us conditioned to give out brain function, so we can feel natural being hooked to and controlled by a giant artificial consciousness, just a feel though.

So I had to come up with my own solution, how does this look?

img img

I think anyone who’s good at Tensorflow is going to beat this but I’ll just switch to HCaptcha when it gets serious, for now, I’ll just use the homebrew one.

It’ll be quick bye <3