Benchmark sneak peek

So I finished the HTTP GET endpoint on /post, hard coded /a


Apparent it broke 10k rps on endpoint /post/b, cached

This is uncached: img

Test ran on

Thinkpad T460
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz
4 hyper threads

Tested using jMeter on the same machine

10k rps huh, I haven’t made a lot of public facing APIs before, this is like, a lot? I estimate I can run a 4chan sized website on a $10 VPS, thanks to Lua and Redis.

I started out wanting to boast, but I felt kind of bad as I wrote it because pride is bad, now that I think about it…

The 4Chad release probably isn’t going to have 10k rps, the 10k figure is achieved on my computer, the release will be run on the smallest cheapest VPS I can rent and scale up as it grows.

Thank God for putting everything together for me, the programming language, the tools, the libraries, He really made this easy, every tool I use, somebody have made it for me, I’m just scripting them together.