Das Jealanies


/pol 257669952

Funny how it says pruned OR deleted, it’s deleted bruh

Am I, am I banned? Lemme check


Yeah I was referral linking, offering, soliciting, begging, and shilling my own stream, totally

Remind to self, allow shilling on 4chad

Remind to self, add flee market shilling board, this could be huge

Also funny how it included so many examples that users DISGUST to make the rule seem totally needed, but hides the true selfish intent in the etc, why you got to be such snaaaaakes~

Just say you’re afraid if 4chan goes unpopular, your won’t be swinging your mop around anymore, so you got to protect 4chan shareholders’ shekels, like it’s your own shekels.

Ur just jealous trannie jannie, m-more like jealanies, haHAA