Wtf was I doing

Where have I been you ask? Did I forget? Of course I didn’t forget you niggers man.

Giant Bible DB

The past few weeks I compiled nearly every single bible in every single language in history and I put it in a giant SQLite database, 1161 bibles in total.

It’s on /t/ image

Torrent file(recommended, more trackers): torrent



Don’t know how to use SQLite? Just lean to code man. Grab the torrent, it has a readme.txt to instruct you how to use it.

I know some of you are KJV maximalists, I believe KJV is written/edited by the inventor of English Sir Francis Bacon aka Shakespear himself, a huge occultist, friend with a guy called John Dee, a sorcerer. Is it the word of God? Yes, it seems pretty solid to my eyes. Does it contain secret programming use to “enlighten” the world? Probably, those people literally call us the mundane in secret, that means of this world, wtf do you mean man I thought believing the Bible means I’m not of this world. Anyways I don’t trust it 100%. Some other translations are total horseshit, like the NIV, it’s included, so you can cross reference and find you what their plan is by looking at what phrase they’ve changed. My favorite? Young’s literal translation, why? Because it has the name “literal” in the title, I’m retarded, but I want the closest thing to the word of God, when I read YLT, I find some technicalities that reveals more truth.

Blockchain dabble

I caught wind of a project called Lokinet, and I’ve been experimenting with it. It’s like a onion network like Tor, but it has monetary incentives that reward nodes. I’ve been learning to set up SNApps(hidden service) and service node and stuff on Lokinet, it looked pretty promising, I bought the their coin called Oxen and took a huge loss, and I’ve been looking at the price all day every day, wasted a ton of my time. In the end I’m like: I need to stop, the price peeking is really unproductive, it’s literally acquiring information that won’t be useful in a few minutes, if I keep doing that I’ll learn nothing and build nothing.

Embedded development

The STM32 shortage devastated me, a chip that used to cost less than a buck now costs 20+ dollars, I can never trust ST again, all my development boards, my learned experiences are useless now. So I had to search alternatives, I chose RP2040 aka Raspberry Pi Pico. I learned how to use CMake and Vim, before that I was a retard nigger monkey that used a manufacturer provided black box IDE, now I feel… freedom.