Deep hole

Sorry anons, I fell. While I was building my SMT production rig, I watched porn and defiled myself, and I guess God had made it hard for me because I put HIM aside.

My offline production rig

The pick and place machine from China, it didn’t go so well, the build quality was shit, and it was constantly having problems, and the seller refused to refund, so I had to fix it everyday. If I were to buy a Yamaha or Juki or Fujitsu machine, it would be too expensive, and it would weigh 1-2 tons. But I chose cheap and light Chinese machines. It was just SHIT. The Chinese really don’t know how to build, they can slap things together and barely work, but the workmanship is non-existent: wires were everywhere with no labels, improper grounding, bolts torqued not to spec, stripped aluminum screw hole, improperly aligned ball screws, rusted linear rails, de-focused camera, not enough grease, and the software had bugs and the seller is slow to fix.

What the Chinese are good at is buying foreign machines and operate them, and pretend it’s the ingenuity of their workings, but it’s not, they can barely do jack shit right by themselves. Their mentality is so wrong, they are not like the Japanese, if the same hardware were to be given to the Japanese to assemble, it would’ve worked flawlessly. It’s the people that are the problem, it is the people that are corrupt.

After the ravage of the Mongols and Soviet, the Chinese have become bug people, truly. I used to be offended by the REKT videos, I mean come on that’s just bringing the worst out of a people, but now I’m like, yeah, that’s what the Chinese mentality is like, the REKTs vids aren’t without a cause. They are truly a lost people, all they care about is money and you have to take every precaution to deal with them, they have shit workmanship, and they refuse to take any responsibility. They do not care about other people, they eat and drink with unrighteous money and think nothing of it.

This is the first time my life had been troubled like this, before this I had no worries. And it’s caused by me turning away from God and into lewdness.

God has blessed me with a golden opportunity to pursuit my dreams and to seek truth and righteousness, I’m living an easy life compared to other people, but I did not haste to do my job that I told God that I wanted to do for the divine plan, instead I fell.

I also saw a guy on YouTube who is holier than I. This guy really put me in my place by his sheer humbleness and holiness alone. I just thought, wow, compared to this negro I am just a filthy bug, how I am going to achieve greatness when I am nothing compared to him. I am sorry for the things I have spoken out of pride in my life, things I have boasted, for it is God who blessed much unto to me that I didn’t have to earn for a cause but I have forsaken HIM. Please forgive me LORD, I will get upright again.

It is during this period of watching people sin and sinning myself that I see, the bondage originates from ourselves. It’s not as simple as some the wicked order preying on innocent people through force, it’s we that are corrupt so we are controlled. I have cried many times for seeing the state the we are in. And I think unless we can change from within ourselves, we will always be in bondage.

My diet

I just realized something weeks ago:

If we are the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwells within us, and it’s not OK to sacrifice a pig inside God’s temple because pigs are filthy, does this mean we should not eat pigs?

Well I just quit eating pork because it’s unclean, imagine eating an animal that eats garbage.

I’ll get stuff going.