Reply limit bye bye

I’m working on the recursive purge today, that is to delete the parent post and all its children. This happens when a “thread” is slid out or mopped. I have to call it purge because 4Chad uses a hierarchial graph topology, what else should I call it? Oh, I know.

So I’m thinking, what if I apply recursive purge to earliest replies? That is, there is no reply limit, if the replies are too many, the first reply gets deleted, just like how the “thread sliding” works on 4chan. There will never be “this thread has reached reply limit, you can’t reply to this thread anymore”.

I think this reply-slide feature is going to fly. Because all the good threads had to end on 4chan.

The impact of this feature will be:

  • discussion can go longer
  • less wondering on board
  • developing sub-group culture

I can already see the sneed thread that never dies and the fact that this meme won’t die becoming a meme.

just a blab:

Firefox is shit, Pale Moon is the real OG

Ever since Firefox switched to TRANNY Rust codebase, it’s starting to be trash. Recently Firefox is consuming so much memory on my XFCE Arch Linux, literally 10~ tabs and it gobbles up 8Gigs of memory, it also made all my other applications laggy, I can’t tab out sometimes because it’ll FREEZE.

I think Mozilla Firefox messed with my networking stack on my Thinkpad the other day, literally my ethernet doesn’t work anymore, I had to use WiFi, I can feel the waves sometimes when I’m downloading at 400+Mbps.

Then I switched to Pale Moon, WOW, my ethernet is back, also 20~ tabs only consumes 1.3Gigs, incredible, and everything is so snappy. To think that Pale Moon forked out of an old Firefox release in 2015, incredible, I think that’s when Mozilla started to lose it. No WebRTC? Based.

SJWFox, and your Tranzilla Organization, and your nsa-roots can go dilate.

Yo everybody switch to Pale Moon now, it’s the good old Firefox without trannies meddling with the real OG, go get it.