Learnig from voat's death

Reason why it died

Surely it died because of de-platforming, I first presumed. Actually it died because of loss of funding.


I fight not being bitter and resentful. You see, this wasn’t supposed to happen, at least not now. The short of it is that the “Angel” defaulted on the contract in March 2020. This is when Voat lost all of it’s funding. I personally decided to keep Voat up until after the U.S. election of 2020. I’ve been paying the costs out of pocket but now I’m out of money.

My reaction

What I think the reason is, not a pro though

I didn’t visit the site quite often, because it didn’t appeal to me, so sorry if I don’t seem grieving, but I get it that Voat is trying to be a truth spreading platform.

I don’t understand why they chose the capital model, even if the investor is a truth seeker also, money is money, investments requires gains in the end. The growth of a truth spreading platform like voat is definitely slower than the investor’s anticipation, because people in bondage are very stubborn. What they thought was a feature was in fact a drawback, so the investor stops giving cash.

They should’ve had some IRL experience in spreading the truth, see if it works in small scale, they would’ve known how difficult it is. When I tried to spread the Biblical truth IRL, people are mostly dismissive, they’re scoffers, they think I’m a weirdo, they think I’m not in the position to tell them what to do because they’re not humble, anyone who believes in democracy thinks he’s a king in freedom but he’s a slave in bondage. So how is truth going to get much traction, how is a platform like Voat going to get much traction? Applying the social media revenue model on it is a stupid move.

Symbology on Voat’s death

They chose to do it on the pagan holiday, Christmas. As if it wasn’t enough, they did it on 12 noon. Christmas has nothing to do with Christ, it’s about the pagan sun god ffs.

So they sacrificed a free speech plarform on Christmas day, ok, nothing out of the ordinary, literally.

They say it’s for God, well I hope so, but they’re like doing the sacrifice on the wrong altar you feel me? Which god is it???

They say it’s for the Son of God, ok, guess which son of god was born on Dec 25?

They weren’t close to the true God enough, no wonder why their praying went to waste.

What I’ve learned from Voat’s death

  1. Keep the overhead small. Prune the site if it gets too costly.
  2. Expect extremely low growth rate, figure out how to survive on low audience first. Do not use the social media revenue model. Revenue model must be applicable to a small audience.
  3. Capital can make you and break you. Do not go the capital route and over-extend. Keep it as personal project, the site should only grow as much as I can pay.


I’ve been working on embedded development on my offline work.

I’m dealing with an IC whose datasheet is written by retards, and the debugger isn’t working, and I broke my logic analyzer so I had to order another one, this is the electric engineer’s nightmare you feel me? I finally got it working last night, this is the hardest chip I have to deal with. It should go smoother from now on.