Making frontend

/g tards btfo

So I posted on 4chan /g a few days ago, telling you /g tards the API endpoint and the documentation are done.

Guess what, the replies were mostly overwhelmingly positive, as if you know what you’re talking about, as if… you’re a senior web developer and you deal with APIs all day.

Oh but how many valid HTTP POST requests I received through the API? 0? Oh how many HTTP Get request with custom headers I received? 0? Well you know what 0 x 0 is, FAG!!!!

NONE of you fucking LARPERS made a single post on 4Chad using API. Despite I have put documents out there. All you did was making HTTP GETs, copy and pasting the example url.


I had a gut feel for /g, that you’re a bunch of larpers, but DAMN, none of you could even make a HTTP POST request, WHAT THE, I have never expected you people to larp this hard. AAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHH Are you KIDDING ME? Like you discuss using the most obscure Unix distros, compiling your own kernels, dabbing on the NSA, and shilling superior programming languages and shit as if you can write your own compiler. But a HTTP POST request, oh boy oh no, that’s too harrrrd man. I thought it was weird that nobody sent me PGP encoded message to [email protected], all the messages were sent using the DM box I built, now I know why, because you don’t know how to use PGP, larp moar.

So I’ll be shutting down the test servers for now, since you guys can’t do anything with it.

Starting to make frontend

I guess I’ll have to make 4Chad frontend myself, I thought you “pros” would be able to make a working prototype in like 12 hours if you were as good as you larped to be.

It’s basically a static webpage with AJAX. I’m using uhtml object to html generator as an alternative to React, to make sure everything is small and light, just like the backend.

I hate bootstrap and React, too heavy, and puts you in a box, I’ll be using just plain javascript.

I have never developed front end applications before, so I’ll learn as I go.

If you know some traps for young players, DM me.