Yesterday I got baptized, for Jesus said:

He who hath believed, and hath been baptized, shall be saved (Mark 16:16)

I knew this, but I didn’t get baptized because idonno, plus when I went to the local church a few month ago to see what’s going on, that very visit made me forget, though I smelt something was wrong the moment I walked in and guarded myself against their words.

Guys, don’t ever go to church, they’re a bunch of unbelievers, and the mere contact with them will decrease your faith, out of their mouth, doctrine of man and rejection of the word of Jesus. If you go there, however you guard against them, a word or two will go through. Because Satan is their programmer, and his words are too cunning for you to guard against.

But TheWordProhpet made me remember again.

If you believe, don’t miss out on the baptizing, do what Jesus says. You could die tomorrow, do it immediately, just find a lake, have someone who also believes say “I baptize you in Jesus’ name”, and you get fully immersed and the guy pulls you out.

I couldn’t speak a new language yet but I think I have received divine intellect after I got baptized.