Fully operational

It’s done, the third prototype that is built on Lua and Redis, is operational.

4Chad is so light and so small the codebase is < 50kB in size, it runs 9000+ rps on a 2 core laptop, it has full 4chan functionality plus more flexibility, more cryptographic support, making it is more open and transparent. What 4Chad can do is beyond the box of 4chan or its other variants, this will blow your mind and let your creativity run wild.

I will be writing the API documentation and the first public API trial will start in a week.

I have a little bit of optimization and security tidy up to do, then I’ll put it on a live host, test it myself, then the first public API test will start. Then I’ll make a UI for it.

There is no UI yet, but you can use REST GUI clients like Insomnia or Postman(not recommended) to interact on 4Chad and see for yourself how it works.

Thank the Holy Spirit for making it possible, putting everything together for me, I will make it Chad.