The captcha schnizo

So I was implementing the no-captcha rate limiting today, so basically it’s a feature where:

you don’t have to fill out captcha until your iq address reaches a rate limit

And I was integrating hCaptcha, which is a clone of reCaptcha, I ran into this problem:


Unless, they need to know which user filled the captcha, and which server of the service provider the user’s data is going to. They seem harmless, they’re just a captcha provider, but this is totally schnizo worthy.

Another thing I don’t understand, why do we still need labeling services on common street items when artificial neural network can already achieve better accuracy than humans? The data labels captcha providers provide may very well contain more error than what the best artificial neural network classify, because humans are worse than AIs for classification at this point, so you feed the error back to a better network to degrade it? So I don’t see how hCaptcha makes money. Plus the fact that they have the mechanism to log user session and correlated server session. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

This just seems… like a …. TRAP? Ok is this why the site I made before were spammed with BONER PILL SHILLS, did you fuckers spam my site, just so you’ll create the illusion of “too much spam”, so I have to go use a captcha provider and fall into this trap?

Probably not, but all you schnizos out there, this is just something for you to sleep on, sweet dreams bye

Chad out

Ok so I thought of a solution that puts schnizos to sleep

So basically user fills out hCaptcha, sends completed token A to an endpoint separate from 4Chad server, the endpoint validates A via contacting hCaptcha, generates a token B signed with a secret key known by 4Chad, user sends token B to 4Chad server, B is equivalent of A, but the iq address of 4Chad is not known by hCaptcha.

Thus the flow of user metadata is untracked by hCaptcha, and of course this is all handled in the background, it is no cost in complexity to the user.

The best part is my captcha validation server and 4Chad server never contacted each other.