Moderation design

Previously the API only supported:

  1. banning IP
  2. removing post/thread

But I thought of some more sophisticated moderation methods.

Stopping thread

If a thread is stopped, it cannot be replied to, it can only slide to its deletion.

The idea is to let people know what type of thread should not be posted instead of just deleting it and banning the user. If a post is just too abhorring, jannies will not stop it for show, they’ll just delete it on sight.


Have you ever wondered what a person is saying on another thread? Is he a snake?

Now you can tag people. Anyone can do this. Just click tag, and when you meet him on another thread, you will recognize him. But the tag is only visible to you. This way you can kind of connect the dots.

If you think he’s a snake committing subversive activities across threads, you can report the whole chain or just screenshot and let everyone see what they’re up to.

This is for dealing with organized subversion like discord trannies.

Country/Region ban

I have a few places in mind:

  1. Leafs
  2. New York
  3. California

Isreal will not be banned because there is no effective ways of banning shapeshifters. The effectively subversive ones use VPNs anyways and I am confident that people are immune to the ones that show real flag, what ur retarded bro?

I’ll implement these after I get back from work. What do you think? Do you have any better ideas? DM me.