Out of melancholy

For the past few months I’ve been living in melancholy.

Before I believed and baptized I was full of rage, righteousness, and a genocidal urge, it gives your life a purpose. But after I got saved I considered: I should forgive their wrongs because God has forgiven me much, if I don’t forgive their debts I won’t make it to heaven. But they’re just too evil, a genocide must be done, am I going to sacrifice my own soul to save many?

I’ve been living in bed all day, browsing, cooming, sleeping, I only got off bed when I need food and toilet, it’s just so depressing, I’ve lost directions. I browsed hentai to fill the void, but it’s not even fun. I was literally numb to all kinds of based posts, they just slightly lol me, because I’ve reached a new level of basedness which I know these people eventually are going to reach, it is a desert, it will be sad.

Like yesterday I just invoked the name of Jesus Christ and father Jehovah, and asked what I should do?

God has been arranging, showing me all kinds of information, connecting my memories.

To put it to words:

The earth right now is imperfect for the eye of flesh, but it is the will of God. There are much suffering and injustice and threat to the existence of the noble races, but it is designed this way. For who falls into the way of this world and profits? And who endures to keep the commandments of God for a loss and remains faithful? God will initiate the second coming after men are divided according to their works.

If I were to straighten the world by force, eradicate wickedness according to my will, making an ideal greenhouse for people to convert to Christianity, with no predators or wickedness, we shall never know their fruit because they’re conditioned to produce good fruit, they actions will not match up to their seed. Therefore God lets the good people produce good fruit and bad people produce bad fruit in the current environment.

It is a revelation that changes my life planning. I no longer want to change the system because it is futile, it is God’s will for a Satanic system that brings the good out of good people and bad out of bad people, it is perfect.

What about 4Chad server?

Dude, the new concept is divine intellect, it is not just an image board, I made several general purpose services and integrated them together into 4Chad, so people can not only use it as an imageboard, but break it up and use it for other purposes, the whole system is linked together using PKI.

It has been slow for the past few month because of my depression, but it’s all clear now and I’ll speed up. I think I’m going to release it under GPL instead of Public Domain because I want to make webshitters seethe.