Change of direction

I kid you not, I didn’t read the new Testament when I first started 4Chad, it was only by word of mouth.

Recently, my mom had a fibroid tumor, it changed everything. At first, I was like, just eat healthy, don’t worry about it, God can cure it. When it started acing, I said just believe and it’ll be gone, she’s like worrying panicking and stuff, she went to the sorcerers to have it it removed. I’m like fuck, I better know Jesus more, I prayed for her and it didn’t work, what gives? So I skipped my Bible study sequence and jumped straight to the new testament, then I was like, damn, I was doing something wrong, divine intervention again.

After I read it, I was like, woah, the boards and features that I first designed are totally wrong. If my mom hadn’t had the tumor and I wasn’t forced to read the new testament, 4Chad would’ve been an isolated christian circle jerk.

I am re-drafting the board design and stuff, to make sure you people are AS SALTY AS POSSIBLE, not dwelling on this website all day and be unfruitful servants, you should go out there and be salty, because ur supposed to be the salt of the earth.

I shouldn’t limit people to christians only and not allow heresy. I need to let lost sheep come in and speak their mind on all boards, I used to think it’s enough that zionists can come in on z board, but now I think all blasphemers should come in on all boards.

The direction of the site will not be absorbing christian users in and be a based community, what a nigger cattle FEED LOT, but to take people in, and release them out like hornets that cause disturbances to the unbelievers. Remember the parable of the talent? If we only be a based community we would have only 1 talent, but if we go out there and be a sore in 10 communities’ eye and getting people saved we would have 10 talents.

4Chad will have a different model to other social media platforms. What they do is: drawing people in, make them dependent on the platform and bank on MAUs. What we do is: having people in and send them away, we’ll bank on the conversion volume.

Also the funding of 4Chad? I used to think I need to have offline business and support 4Chad, now that I’ve read the new testament, I’m like, I should not worry about the funding AT ALL, just stop my offline work, and dedicate fully to 4Chad, and I will not run out of money, just don’t worry about the bread of tomorrow, THE LORD WILL DELIVER.

Progress recently

I’m building the NodeJs + Sqlite version of 4Chad, it’s not very elite compared to the Lua + Redis version, but it’s very incredibly readable and maintainable, the code is clean and streamlined, the data structured is well defined and expandable, no wheel is re-invented, the infrastructure is very generic. It will not be what /g would describe as based, fuckem larpers. This is like the 4th try from scratch, well soREEE that I ended up being a nigger, but I finally understood, in webdev, nigger is the way.