Auditable delete

So I’m thinking about how to implement the delete function transparently on 4Chad.

I was browsing 4chan today, a lot of threads got 404’ed, dude, why do I keep clicking on 404’ed threads? Am I like a 404 magnet now? It didn’t use to be this way. Is it because those threads aren’t garbage and actually attracted my interest? Is it because they’re leading people “straight” and trannie jannies don’t want that? They were very subtle too, can a basement dweller jannie be this smart? I sense bullshit in the air.

These series of events made me think of a way of implementing the delete function 4Chad. It’s so odd, it’s like I’m guided by God or something, these events didn’t use to happen.

So the original inception was jannies should use application/4chad.janniescript.v1 to mop, and because the janniescript is just another public piece of content embedded in the post, the mop trails are completely public. This part is fine.

Now, how do I implement user deleting his own post? 4chan uses a password cookie. Well that’s sketchy from a cryptography point of view. Since 4chan issued the delete password in the first place, 4chan could impersonate the user to delete the post, and there will be no moderation record, even other jannies won’t know, somebody is gonna love this.

So my solution is, user generates a cryptographically secure string, then hashes it, then sends the hash along with the post in the delete_password_hash field to 4Chad, 4Chad server makes that field public for everyone to see. If user wants to delete that post, user posts the original string publicly, server picks it up, verifies its hash matches and deletes the original post. Now everyone knows indeed the ORIGINAL poster deleted that post.

This should be good.